Quality control

Lameco has a quality control agreement with Finotrol Oy.

Our personnel have the expertise, facilities, and machinery to meet the customers' requirements.

Quality control certificate for finger-jointed construction timber Lameco LHT Oy has an Finotrol quality management system, and we have been issued a licence to use the J control mark for finger-jointed structural sawn timber and the SFS certification mark.

In production we use Collano Purbond HB530 and Dynea Prefere 6000 for finger-jointing, and Casco MUF Cascomin 1240/2540 for layer-gluing, all certified by the FMPA (Otto-Graf-Institut) and NTI (Norsk Treteknisk Institutt).
We are also in the process of implementing our ISO 9000 quality control system to guarantee the total quality and continuous development of the company.

Quality criteria

In production, Lameco LHT Oy follows the generally accepted quality criteria for laminated logs. Employees working on the production line have taken a course in timber grading and gluing.

Characteristics of laminated logs and the defects tolerated:

On visible surfaces of the log, cracks extending to a depth of no more than one third of the thickness of the log are permitted. In log ends, short cracks extending from one surface to another are permitted. Crack width may not exceed 5 mm at the moisture content prevailing at the time of production (15%).

Insect damage
Not permitted on visible surfaces.

Cranker and bark shake
Small single occurrences of cranker and bark shake are permitted.

Not permitted.

Compression wood
Permitted only to the extent that the shape of the log is not essentially altered under its influence. The compression wood must not impede gluing.
Permitted according to the grading rules for export timber.

Knot splits
Small knot splits and dry knots are permitted to a minimal extent.

Knot holes
Not permitted.

Pitch pockets
Small pitch pockets are permitted.
Pitch wood
Not permitted.
Blue stain
May not appear as inconvenient discolouration after finishing.
Not permitted on visible surfaces.

Production of glued laminated logs

Production of glued laminated logs is performed in accordance with the following documents and qualification requirements, as specified in the requirements confirmed by the technical commission of Inspecta’s timber product department.

– EN 391, Glued laminated timber. Delamination test of glue lines
– RT 21-10750, ‘Sahattu ja höylätty puutavara’ (RT Building Information File on sawn and planed timber)

Strength grading is performed in accordance with the standard SFS 5878 INSTA 142.
This standard, supplemented with the documents mentioned above, is applied to internal and external quality control at the company with the licence to use the quality control mark. In addition, instructions published by Hirsitaloteollisuus HTT ry (the Finnish log house organisation) can be followed where they do not deviate from the requirements set forth here.