Laminated Thermo Logs

25 % better thermal isolation.
The solution for energy efficiency in timber buildings.

Ecological and durable.
Certified decay resistance combined with the performance of resin-free
and ecological Lunawood® thermal wood.

Gluing solution for thermal wood
The result of Lameco’s continuous and successful product development.

Dimensional stability
Improved timber dimensional stability stands for decreased indentation and better wall sealing.

From the beginning of 2010 LamecoThermoLog® will respond to tightening building regulations in Finland. LamecoThermoLog® offers an entirely new innovation and ecological solution that is a result of years of demanding product development. Take a step towards future building already today and get to know the most ecological building product family on the market.




134 x 230 (218)
180 x 230 (221)/6
230 x 280 (271)/6